Holy Boulder

Who knew a tiny town nestled below the Staircase National Monument would be the home to so many sweet young people who like touring cyclists? Boulder, Utah is like summer camp ALL YEAR ROUND. We woke up this morning surrounded by canyons and walked the half mile through a washed out muddy road back to our bikes that we left next to the cute hippie cafe.

We had the best pancakes 8 bucks could by this morning and proceeded up a mountain to this road called "the hogback". It's a 3 mile stretch with not much shoulder and often no guardrail surrounded by steep canyons on either side. Super scary and exhillerating at the same time to ride across. As the name so aptly describes, "the hogback" it the ridge of a mountain with views on either side for miles, of canyons upon canyons upon mountains. Utah is amazingly beautiful. Today I almost felt proud to be American. I always thought we destroyed the beautiful parts of our country for industry, capitalism perhaps got the better of our judgement in terms of natural resources. But the last few days in Utah have proved some of that incorrect.

Im sitting in a cafe in Escalante, left my camera cable in Torrey, bummer. Be in henrieville tonight. Hopefully it wont rain.

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